A Walk in the Park: Parc Botanique de Haute Bretagne

Le Château de la Foltière Overlooking the Gardens

So, yes, Autumn is in full swing. Probably not the best time of the year to visit a garden. But Fall has a beauty all its own, don’t you think? It’s not necessarily measured in riotous explosions of flowering and ebullient foliage. But this season brings a certain, slightly melancholic subtlety. An evanescence, a dénouement, if you will, signaling Nature’s job well done over the Spring and Summer. I like Autumn. I like its understated quality, its more solemn light and colors, its less frenetic energy. And there is a certain grandeur to be witnessed for those who wish to see it.

It was in this spirit that Cherie, Valerie and I decided to make a visit to the Parc Botanique de Haute Bretagne. This botanical park is a mere 15 minute drive northeast of Fougères, deep in the rural countryside, set amongst low, tumbling hills checkered heavily with corn fields and cow pastures. Last year, Cherie and I had ventured out to visit this garden, but we arrived to very ominous-looking skies which were daring us to go for a walk far from shelter. So we took the coward’s way out and drove right back home. But on this day of our return the weather was beautiful and Cherie and I were ready to reclaim our pride.

We had a nice, quiet time at the park. While there were certainly other visitors, they were far and few between. So it was tranquil. We felt like guests on a friend’s estate. Not that we know anyone who actually owns an estate. [But we’re not snobbish – if there are any estate owners out there who would like to become our friends, we’re more than happy to visit you!] The 25 hectare park is beautiful and offers a great variety of areas to explore with different themes. It’s well-curated and maintained. And even though most of the flowers were spent, it is still easy to imagine the potential. We will certainly visit again in the Spring or Summer.

View of the Walled Garden
Still Blooming – Red Bistort in the Walled Garden
In the Heart of the Maze of Knossos Lurks a Minotaur (On the Loo?)
The Japanese Garden
Autumn Reflections
Former Entrance to the Estate
The Old Boathouse
Things Get Rocky
Stable Barn

And finally, your reward for making it to the bottom of this post. A moment of zen …

Tap and Turn Up the Sound!

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