A New Home, A New Life


Dusk in Malestroit (Brittany, western France)

It’s a well-worn story: married couple retires and moves abroad to bright shiny new country where they “live the dream”. And for good reason. Who hasn’t, at some point, found themselves fantasizing about an escape from the tedium of their lives? Quitting that annoying job. Leaving the all-too-familiar home. Surely, greener pastures await somewhere.

Cherie and I (John) decided that for us those pastures lie midst the rolling hills of Brittany, France. And so, after several years of dreaming, we’ve finally made it our reality: retiring from our jobs, moving to France and starting our new lives here.

This blog is about that experience. Although primarily intended to keep our family and friends informed about our ongoing escapades we hope that, even if you don’t know us, you may find these posts interesting, amusing or even informative.

Join us as we navigate the many challenges, frustrations and rewards of an escape to France!

3 thoughts on “A New Home, A New Life

  1. Excellent blog and a welcome opportunity to read original stories in English on interesting topis.
    Warm regards form the Rhine-Valley.
    Heidi and Herbert Alkexander Keffel


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